Heartly Welcome to our brand new Daily Tamil Calendars Web Portal. We, Tamil people, spread all over the world and need to remember our auspicious events reference for our cultural gatherings so we bring you Tamil Calendar daily sheets with all necessary details. All the details mentioned on our site are based on Indian Timing so visit your Astrologers for the proper time to celebrate your auspicious events.

Tamil Daily Calendar basically depends on Star and Moon events and it is followed by Tamilians all around the world. Every Tamil People follow these Tamil calendars for there culturally gathering events.

Tamil Daily Calendar Widely used in Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, United States, United Kingdom, etc.. You already familiar with our Tamil Daily Calendar I want to recall that once again so let me tell you more about our Tamil Calendar.

Tamil Calendar starts on 14th April every year and it is celebrated as Tamil New Year all over the world by Tamil People also it is a Government Holiday. With Planets on the solar system, our Tamil weekdays are called and Tamil Year consisting of six seasons each contains a period of two months.

Like other calendars followed in the subcontinent of India, Daily Tamil Calendar Also follow Sixty Year Cycle. Our Daily Tamil Calendar Auspicious Timing starts with morning sunrise and evening sunset. These Timings were called Nalla Neram, Raghu, Kuligai, Yemakandam etc..

In our Tamil Calendar months starting with Chithirai and ending with Panguni and contains a total of 12 months. In these 12 months, Aavani and Thai are very important months for a wedding, house warming, engagement, and all other Auspicious events. Let us see the every Tamil month of Tamil calendar in detail :

Chithirai Masam – As said before Tamil Calendar Starts with Chithirai on April 14th and has a total of 31 days. In this month Chithra Pournami Thiruvizha is well celebrated.

Vaigasi Masam- Vaigasi month is most important for Tamil God Murugan and it has 31 days. The most important day of this month is Vaigasi Visakam.

Aani Masam – Aani Masam falls third on Tamil Calendar usually in this month auspicious events are not celebrated and it has 32 days in total.

Aadi Masam – Aadi Masam is most favourable for Amman Temples, aadiperukku and aadi amavasai are celebrated in this month and it has 31 days in total.

Aavani Masam – Aavani masam has no significant funtions and it contains 31 days.

Purattasi Masam – Purattasi Masam is most favourable for God Perumal. In this month most of the Tamil People won’t eat any non-veg items and cook special food items for God Perumal in every Saturday of this Month and it has 31 days.

Ippasi Masam – Mostly Diwali Festival falls on Ippasi Masam it is a festival of lights celebrated all over India. Vinayagar Birthday also falls on this month and it may have 29 or 30 days.

Kaarthigai – Kaarthigai Masam is favorable for God Iyyapan most Tamil gents will do viratham for 48 days and visit Iyyapan Temple in Kerala in this month and it has 29 days.

Thai Masam – Thai Masam is very very important in Tamil Calendar as it is very auspicious month for all cultural events and family gatherings like marriage house warming, etc. Harvesting festival called pongal is celebrated in this month and may have 29 or 30 days.

Maasi Masam – Maasi Magam is celebrated in this month and auspicious events will not take part in maasi magam and it may have 29 or 30 days.

Panguni – Last month of our Tamil Calendar, Kaavadi Thiruvizha is celebrated for Lord Murugan in this month on behalf of his birthday and it has total of 30 days.